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New Harrier Parachute Launcher is Light, Compact, and Easy to Use!

New Harrier Parachute Launcher is Light, Compact, and Easy to Use!

Kevlar Webbing raw stock now for sale on the website!

We've sold Kevlar harness for some time. We just added the raw Kevlar stock for our 1/4" material to the webstore.

Peregrine UAV Test

We are redesigning the Peregrine IDS to be lighter weight and more modular. Here is a test firing of one of our early production units.

Jolly Logic Chute Release and AltimiterThree recording altimiter

The chute release is a pretty cool little product that lets you control the altitude your parachute opens. For model rocketry. Chute Release is a small electronic device that holds your rocket parachute closed until it drops to an altitude that you choose.

Introducing the IFC-36-SL!

This chute is optimized for volume production. Weight is just 60.8 grams and load capacity is 1.8Kg @ 4.6 m/s.

Parachute #5000 Hot off the press!

Our next 1000 chutes manufactured happened in record time, just 6 months! It took 8 months to reach #4000 so the production pace is accelerating!

DJI Drone Parachute Products - New!

We just added Skycat mounting hardware for the DJI F550, DJI S900, DJI S1000, and DJI Inspire Drones!

Introducing Skycat Carbon Fiber Universal Mount

We just received a cool mounting bracket for the Skycat parachute launcher!

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