Introducing the IFC-36-SL!

Folded 36 inch UAV parachute

Author: Gene Engelgau | Published: Nov 24, 2015

This chute is optimized for volume production with a weight of just 60.8 grams and load capacity of 1.8kg at 4.6m/s.

UPDATE January 4, 2016 - The IFC-36-SL, IFC-36-S, and many more Iris Ultra parachutes can be found in our webstore.


The IFC-36-SL is available by special order as well as to manufacturers integrating our parachutes into their products. The design is optimized to lower cost and weight, making it a great choice for large orders. For those who need greater strength, the IFC-36-S is a more robust choice.

Samples and full parachutes are available. Contact us for more info.

IFC-36-SL parachute bridle and shroud lines

- Gene

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