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Rocketry Rail Buttons are Back!

For all our rocketry friends we have sourced our own high quality Delrin rail buttons and have cut prices for our buttons by 40% or more!

Fruity Chutes Pins Down 10 Years of Success, Literally!

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary Fruity Chutes has decided to pin down where their 3000 customers have come from.

Aeromao: Pioneer in Parachute Recovery Integration

With new and stricter drone safety regulations being implemented around the world much of the sUAS market is now waking up to the idea that safety does matter. Aeromao has been on board since 2011, much earlier than most UAV companies.

On-landing Parachute Release

This cool device automatically releases the parachute once the rocket, drone or UAV lands.

New Hawk CO2 Valves Being Assembled

The new valve looks awesome with blue anodizing.

Fruity Chutes Can Prevent Drone Destruction

Article in Aviation Industry News Online - Fruity Chutes Can Prevent Drone Destruction

New, More Flexible CO2 Parachute Deployment System Introduced For Drones

Fruity Chutes Introduces Non-Regulated High Speed CO2 Release System for Ballistic Parachute Deployment. The new Hawk CO2 valve matches the performance of the Raptor Pyro CO2 release, but uses a entirely mechanical design. The Hawk valve can be used in most all countries world wide!

Kevlar Webbing raw stock now for sale on the website!

We've sold Kevlar harness for some time. We just added the raw Kevlar stock for our 1/4" material to the webstore.

New Drone Parachute Launchers featuring the Ultra Light Weight Parachutes

We filled out our line of Skycat Recovery bundles by adding four new and exciting products!

Introducing the Peregrine UAV Modular Ballistic Parachute Deployment System

We've been working on an improved version of the Peregrine IDS. So here is a first look at the Peregrine UAV!

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