Fruity Chutes Parachutes Featured as a Valuable Resource in Civil Engineering Book

Book cover which says Success with Drones in Civil Engineering

Author: Gene Engelgau | Published: Jun 12, 2018

Parachutes by Fruity Chutes Featured in New Drone Book, “Success With Drones in Civil Engineering”

UAS are increasingly becoming an essential tool for civil engineering firms that care about productivity, safety, and quality.  Drones are changing the equation when it comes to surveying, inspecting, and managing large-scale projects for earthwork, water management, and critical infrastructures.

A recent book on this topic is “Success with Drones in Civil Engineering,” published in May 2018. Author Brett Hoffstadt is a certified project management professional, FAA licensed sUAS remote pilot, and dual-degree aeronautical engineer.  

One of the book’s sections address the need for systems thinking around a UAS. When you consider the sensors, training, and workflow associated with a functional UAS, it becomes a significant investment for companies from a financial, operational, and reputational perspective. While the benefits and profits are game-changing, an unexpected incident or system failure with a drone can also bring very significant costs and damages - to people, property, and company reputations.

The book is full of lessons learned from across industry, many of which were obtained through 1-on-1 interviews and exclusive access.

In a chapter dedicated on safety, the book provides a lesson that we and our clients know very well at Fruity Chutes: an essential safety device and smart addition to an industrial drone to protect a company’s investment is a parachute system.

As the book states,”engineering a proven and dedicated safety mechanism to neutralize (or seriously mitigate the risks) of [a falling drone] is very smart business.”

Learning from this book is also very smart business for anyone who wants to protect their UAS with an emergency recovery system, because the Appendix has an exclusive discount code for 7.5% OFF of any purchase from Fruity Chutes.  

The current edition of the book is for readers in the USA in 2018, although resources and success cases are included from around the globe. Fruity Chutes, operating from northern California since 2007, is proud to be listed as one of those valuable additional resources.