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SATS-MINI 1.2.1 Update: Solving for Fixed-Wing and VTOL

Fruity Chutes Releases SATS-MINI Software Update Supporting Automatic Parachute Deployment for Fixed-Wing and VTOL

New Raven On-Landing Parachute Release Protects Drones from Ground Damage

Fruity Chutes launches a new device to prevent damage caused by the wind dragging your valuable payload on the ground.

ASYLON’s American-Made DroneCore system completes ASTM Testing and Validation by Northern Plains UAS Test Site

GRAND FORKS, ND – The Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUASTS) has completed the testing and compliance process for ASYLON’s DroneCore system in accordance with ASTM F3322-18. ASYLON’s automated parachute system is the first step in seeking a waiver for small, unmanned aerial system (UAS) flights over people.

Press release provided by ASYLON

We are Fully Operational - Developing and Manufacturing

In response to the current situation with COVID-19, we want to keep you apprised of how we are handling operations. Due to being a small and agile business, and with much of our business activity distributed across the US and online already, we are pleased to say that the current outbreak has had minimal affect on us.

AerialWayz Granted Flight Over People & Moving Vehicles waiver with Fruity Chutes

Fruity Chutes Inc. is the first drone parachute company to have a customer be granted a long term flight over people waiver (previous waivers have only been for one day events). Fruity Chutes is also the first drone parachute company to have a customer gain a flight over moving vehicle waiver.

InterDrone 2018 Preview or Proposed Part 107 Flight Over People Parachute Recovery System Requirements

For those of you who missed my talk on the new ASTM standard  regarding Part 107.39 parachute systems for flight over people here is the slide deck.  Enjoy!

InterDrone 2018 ASTM Parachute Standard for Flight over People



Matrice 200/210 Parachute by Fruity Chutes features Ease of Use, Lightweight to Maximize Safety to People and Property

Fruity Chutes introduces a drone parachute for the Matrice 200/210. This lightweight system is spring launched so there are no regulatory issues and it is easy to use.

We Made Our Podcast Debut!

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Randy Goers from the podcast, Drone Radio Show. Our first podcast feature! Listeners of the podcast will be treated to an episode that highlights our history, how rocketry has influenced our business, our transition to including UAS recovery, and our involvement with the ASTM committee for flight over people.

DJI Mavic Pro Parachute Launcher Makes Flying Over People and Property Safer!

It’s easy to use, it’s lightweight, it’s everything you’ve been asking for… the new DJI Mavic Pro Parachute Launcher is here and it's ready to save your drone, people, and property below in case of a crash.

When has a parachute saved a drone?

If you are asking yourself “should I use a parachute system for my drone” here are some important factors to consider.

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