We Made Our Podcast Debut!

Drone Radio Show banner featuring Gene and Jan from Fruity Chutes

Author: Gene Engelgau | Published: Aug 09, 2018

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Randy Goers from the podcast, Drone Radio Show. Our first podcast feature! Listeners of the podcast will be treated to an episode that highlights our history, how rocketry has influenced our business, our transition to including UAS recovery, and our involvement with the ASTM committee for flight over people.

Listen to our appearance on the Drone Radio Show.

Some of our favorite moments include:

  • Talking about the overlaps between rocketry and drone parachute recovery.

  • Discussing the roadblocks in the industry to making safety a priority.

  • The rigorous testing that the new Flight Over People rules will include.

  • And the exciting Fruity Chutes talks and demos you can look forward to at InterDrone. 


About Randy and his podcast:

"My name is Randy Goers and I'm a city planner, strategist and drone enthusiast. I started the Drone Radio Show to showcase the dynamic opportunities that are emerging in the drone industry, how those opportunities are changing lives and more importantly, how you can be part of this exciting industry."

"My weekly podcast series features stories about drones and the people that use them for business, enjoyment or in their day to day life. Through their experiences, you'll learn about business opportunities, ways to use your drone, and exciting applications on the horizon. You'll hear from people just like yourself, who are using drone technologies to make a difference, make money or just have fun." - Randy