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We Made Our Podcast Debut!

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Randy Goers from the podcast, Drone Radio Show. Our first podcast feature! Listeners of the podcast will be treated to an episode that highlights our history, how rocketry has influenced our business, our transition to including UAS recovery, and our involvement with the ASTM committee for flight over people.

DJI Mavic Pro Parachute Launcher Makes Flying Over People and Property Safer!

It’s easy to use, it’s lightweight, it’s everything you’ve been asking for… the new DJI Mavic Pro Parachute Launcher is here and it's ready to save your drone, people, and property below in case of a crash.

When has a parachute saved a drone?

If you are asking yourself “should I use a parachute system for my drone” here are some important factors to consider.

Fruity Chutes parachutes featured as a valuable resource in civil engineering book

Fruity Chutes is featured in new drone book, “Success with Drones in Civil Engineering”

New Harrier Parachute Launcher is Light, Compact, and Easy to Use!

New Harrier Parachute Launcher is Light, Compact, and Easy to Use!

Insight Up Solutions Partners with Fruity Chutes

Fruity Chutes has partnered with Insight Up Solutions, the host of the Professional Drone Demo Day as part of Drone World Expo! Fruity Chutes is psyched to present demonstrations at this event!!!

Rocketry Rail Buttons are Back!

For all our rocketry friends we have sourced our own high quality Delrin rail buttons and have cut prices for our buttons by 40% or more!

Fruity Chutes Pins Down 10 Years of Success, Literally!

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary Fruity Chutes has decided to pin down where their 3000 customers have come from.

Aeromao: Pioneer in Parachute Recovery Integration

With new and stricter drone safety regulations being implemented around the world much of the sUAS market is now waking up to the idea that safety does matter. Aeromao has been on board since 2011, much earlier than most UAV companies.

On-landing Parachute Release

This cool device automatically releases the parachute once the rocket, drone or UAV lands.

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