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Aeromao: Pioneer in Parachute Recovery Integration

With new and stricter drone safety regulations being implemented around the world much of the sUAS market is now waking up to the idea that safety does matter. Aeromao has been on board since 2011, much earlier than most UAV companies.

New Drone Parachute Launchers featuring the Ultra Light Weight Parachutes

We filled out our line of Skycat Recovery bundles by adding four new and exciting products!

High-flying drone business QuestUAV In the News!

We started making parachutes for Quest UAV in early 2014 and have since shipped them many many systems. They have grown to be one of our best customers.

Introducing the IFC-36-SL!

This chute is optimized for volume production. Weight is just 60.8 grams and load capacity is 1.8Kg @ 4.6 m/s.

Parachute #5000 Hot off the press!

Our next 1000 chutes manufactured happened in record time, just 6 months! It took 8 months to reach #4000 so the production pace is accelerating!

Aeromao in the News

Aeromao is an awesome Fruity Chutes customer for about three years now.

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