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sUSB Expo 2016 - How to choose a parachute recovery system

USB Expo PowerPoint Presintation

Huge Iris parachute for a heavy lift copter

Henry at Skycat has been testing our IFC-192-S parachute with a heavy lift copter.

Peregrine UAV Test

We are redesigning the Peregrine IDS to be lighter weight and more modular. Here is a test firing of one of our early production units.

Light Weight Elliptical Parachutes

Our smaller Elliptical parachutes are popular with the rocket folks as both drogue or main chutes. We now have light weight and compact versions of these for our complete lineup from the CFC-12-S to the CFC-36-S.

Jolly Logic Chute Release and AltimiterThree recording altimiter

The chute release is a pretty cool little product that lets you control the altitude your parachute opens. For model rocketry. Chute Release is a small electronic device that holds your rocket parachute closed until it drops to an altitude that you choose.

Online Descent Rate Calculator

We are pleased to release our new online descent rate calculator. Not only does it plot parachute performance over a range of weights, it also compared two parachute key metrics in a side by side easy to understand chart!

High-flying drone business QuestUAV In the News!

We started making parachutes for Quest UAV in early 2014 and have since shipped them many many systems. They have grown to be one of our best customers.

Archtype Cable Cutter back in stock!

Use this handy device can hold a parachute pack together until actuated. We've been out of stock for about a month, but we finally have more!

Why we call ourselves Fruity Chutes!

When you look at all the awesome colors we offer you can see why we have the name Fruity Chutes!

Introducing the IFC-36-SL!

This chute is optimized for volume production. Weight is just 60.8 grams and load capacity is 1.8Kg @ 4.6 m/s.

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