How long does it take to get a Fruity Chute?

We are often asked: "how long will it take to get my order?" and the answer depends on what you order. If you browse our website, you will notice that we offer a large number of products and sizes available. However, this also means that many of the products we sell are made to order. As a result, the trade off in getting the exact product you want is some added lead time so we can make it for you. In some respects, we are like a tailor that works for you to make you the exact product you need - how cool is that?!

The first step in understanding the required time is knowing what kind of product you're ordering. These fall into three general categories - stock (such as elliptical parachutes in available stock colors, Iris Parachutes, or electronics), short lead custom (nomex products, kevlar, deployment bags), and full custom (large elliptical parachutes, or custom color parachutes). In general, if you order only stock items, your order will ship on our next shipping day. Our shipping days are twice a week on Tuesday or Friday (sometimes with the addition of Saturday). If you order has custom product, the specific items in your order will determine the lead time. If your order includes both stock and custom products, the order will ship as one group once all of the products are prepared. If you want to receive the stock or short lead time items quickly, you can split your order into two parts (i.e. making two separate orders). In this case, we'll ship what we can ASAP and later follow up with your custom items.

In any case, if you are in a hurry, contact us and we will do a stock check to let you know how soon you can get your items.

Guidelines regarding timing:

  1. Classic Elliptical Parachutes - We carry stock of these for all sizes form 12" to 60", so shipping these items is quick. We sometimes run out of a size, in which case we will let you know when you place your order. Requesting custom colors is considered a custom parachute and subject to lead time. Larger elliptical parachutes up to 120" take three to four weeks to ship after receipt of order depending on the timing of your order. 
  2. Iris Ultra Parachutes - We carry stock in various color combinations of Iris parachutes from 30" to 120".  If you order a stock parachute, we can ship in just a few days. Let us know your color preference and we can see what we have. For 144" - 192", we have stock canopies ready to be completed per the line type ordereed. Some of the Iris Spectra parachutes like the IFC-48-S and IFC-60-S are very popular, and we can sometimes sell out of stock parachutes. All the Iris parachutes can be custom colors at no extra charge. Requesting custom colors is considered a custom parachute and subject to lead time. Because we carry 12 different colors and you can use multiple colors combinations, it is not possible to have a stock Iris parachute in your exact size and color. However, we can make your preferred combination with a little extra time. If you are in a hurry, let us know and we'll see if we have stock in your size, and we may even have the colors you prefer. Don't be shy; feel free to ask what we have prepared!

  3.  Deployment Bags, Harnesesses and Shock Cord - We stock most sizes of these items.
  4. What about unusual items that need to be specially made - We can quote and make whatever you need. Orders with non-standard product and other custom requirements are always going to take time. Even if we quote a given lead time, we sometimes run over. For instance a parachute may require a specific kind of shroud line - like MIL-C-5040 certified line. In some cases, there can be delays procuring the proper inventory to build this. We will let you know if your custom items require more time for production.
  5. Time of year - Our business has a seasonal flow with a rush of orders in early spring. If you have a time-sensitive project and you need a large amount of product in spring, be sure to order in mid to late winter.
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