Lighting fast ballistic parachute deployment, minimum packing volume, up to 100Kg UAS!

The Fruity Chutes Peregrine UAV is a completely integrated ballistic deployment system designed for all types of drones, UAV’s and other aerospace recovery applications. It consists of a modular carbon fiber canister containing a pre-packed Iris Ultra chute and a machined aluminum base housing and a fast CO2 release valve. The chute is pressed into a carbon fiber canister and is attached to the base unit with a simple twist lock.  Multiple canisters and chutes can be brought into the field allowing the parachute to be quickly replaced without having to repack.

UAV and Multicopter recovery parachute system

After use the canister can be easily replaced with a loaded canister in the field. The chute can later be reloaded into the canister back at your facility. An advantage of pressure packing the parachute is the packing volume is improved as much as 40% over hand packing into a deployment bag. All units feature the ultra-compact Iris Ultra Compact chute (Spectra shroud lines, and pull down, Kevlar bridle).

The Peregrine IDS is a fully integrated CO2 parachute deployment system

The CO2 ejection system ismade of a CNC machined aluminum housing. It uses standard 1/2", or 3/8" threaded CO2 cartridge available world wide. To initiate deployment an electric initiator or low cost model rocket igniter is used to fire a small .2G Pyrodex or Tripple Seven charge that opens the CO2 cartridge.

Three basic unit sizes are available to accommodate a rage of parachute sizes at 4”, 5” and 6” outer diameter. All systems use the same 4" D base plate, and CO2 actuator valve.

Hawk CO2 Release Valve

NEW! - The Peregrine UAV is now available with the Hark CO2 Release!  It has all the speed of the Raptor CO2 valve, however it does not need any pyro consumables.

Peregrine UAV with the Hawk CO2 Release

The Hawk CO2 Release with the Peregrine UAV canister and parachute.

How to order:

More information for the Peregrine UAV is available in our Webstore.  Contact Fruity Chutes to order.  The system includes everything needed to equip the recovery system for a UAV.  Below is a list of items included in the complete system:

  • Iris Ultra chute using Spectra shroud lines and rigging
  • Peregrine UAV twist lock base and high pressure hose.
  • CO2 Release valve.  We have the Raptor pyro CO2 release, or the Hawk mechanical CO2 release.
  • Carbon Fiber twist lock canister.  We can preload the parachute if you like.
  • All rigging needed to attach to your UAV including Y harness, shock cords and quick links
  • Accessory tool box.

Complete System Price List and Specs:

Model # Chute Diameter Length (in) Weight Rating @ 15fps Rating / Weight
PUAV-4-84-S IFC-84-S 4 5.625 1.99lb
22lbs 11.06
PUAV-4-96-S IFC-96-S 4 6.25 2.2lb
28lbs 12.73
PUAV-5-96-S IFC-96-S 5 4.5 2.9lbs
28lbs 9.66
PUAV-4-120-S IFC-120-S 4 8.5 2.73lbs
44lbs 16.12
PUAV-5-120-S IFC-120-S 5 5.75 3.4lbs
44lbs 12.94
PUAV-4-144-S IFC-144-S 4 6 3.99lbs
64lbs 16.04
PUAV-5-144-S IFC-144-S 5 7.25 3.99lbs
64lbs 16.04
PUAV-6-144-S IFC-144-S 6 6 3.99lbs
64lbs 16.04
PUAV-5-168-S IFC-168-S 5 10.25 5.05lbs
86lbs 17.03
PUAV-6-144-S IFC-144-S 6 5.5 4.27lb
64lbs 14.99
PUAV-6-168-S IFC-168-S 6 7.25 5.65lbs
86lbs 15.22
PUAV-6-192-S IFC-192-S 6 9.25 6.33lbs
114lbs 18.01

Additional and spare parts:

  • Parachute (order the appropriate Iris Ultra chute from the Webstore)
  • Chute Canister
  • Nylon sheer pins (to hold the cap on).  Sold in packs of 40, enough for 10 ejections.
  • Base replacement parts including additional charge cups

Here is the Peregrine UAV Users Guide.  

If you want to get more information and pricing for the Peregrine UAV please contact us.

A PUAV-4-120-S on BBStratus Cinema Octocopter.



Peregrine UAV Videos:

Testing the Hawk CO2 Release Valve

Peregrine UAV Test with Raptor CO2 Release

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