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Drone Parachute Launcher - Skycat

Skycat is a ballistic parachute recovery system primarily for quadcopters, multicopters, single rotor helicopters, or smaller fixed wing UAV. It is designed to reduce the impact energy of the drone in emergency situations to provide a safe landing, protect people on the ground, and save your airframe from serious damage. The Patent-pending FUSE® technology ensures a fast and successful parachute eject and safe landing, even when flying at low altitudes. Thanks to its compact size and weight, it's an easy addition to have on board. Skycat keeps you flying and makes people feel secure doing business with you.  And best yet you can order the Skycat system NOW in our Webstore!

To avoid entanglement, Skycat ejects a parachute like a bullet, beyond the rotors spinning radius.


To avoid entanglement, Skycat ejects the chute away from the airframe and propellers. FUSE® technology releases the piston in a fraction of a second. There is no hatch and servo hatch release needed.

Replacing the low-cost FUSE® is easy without any special tools, and it only takes a few minutes to repack the device for another launch.


To achieve clean installation and minimum reduction of flight time, the Skycat is designed to be the small, and light weight, and reliable parachute system.


In an emergency, seconds matter. Skycat ejects in milliseconds, dramatically increasing the chance of safe landing.


Skycat can be installed on almost any airframe. Multiple parachute sizes are available for small and large UAV's and up to 3 units can be installed to handle higher weight and with better redundancy.


If you want total independence of the UAVs flight power status, a dedicated battery can be used as an option. In addition, you can use multiple independent receivers, powered from same or different BECs, for added radio (launch command) channel reliability.

Ideal for popular DJI Products - see our products for DJI Copters here!

Other manufacturers Skycat recommendations:

For the MARS-120 - use 2 x Skycat 5Kg Recovery Bundle 


You can purchase the Skycat System now in our Webstore!

Downoad the Skycat User Manual!
Contact Us  and we can recommend which Skycat product to use for your application.  We can also recommend which Fruity Chutes product can be used in place of other competing products.

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