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Drone Parachute deployment "acid" test

The boys at Skycat jerry-rigged a copter to force a motor failure using a relay. Then programmed the Pixhawk to auto-deploy the Skycat launcher and a Fruity Chute.

Introducing the Iris Ultra Spectra Ultra Light Chutes

We were challenged by one of our very good customers to make the absolute lightest possible weight parachute possible. Introducing the IFC-96-SUL parachute at just 256 grams!

TARC Parachutes now have Bridle options

The TARC series parachutes can now be ordered pre-mounted with a 600# swivel ready to go!

Introducing CFC-15-S Compact Elliptical Chute

The CFC-15-S further expands our Classic Elliptical chutes to provide lighter weight and higher performance!

Interdrone 2015 Conferece in Las Vegas

Today we leave for Interdrone conference in Las Vegas, Sept 9 - 11, 2015!.

Announcing Fruity Chutes site redesign

Welcome to our new Website! If you are visiting our page now it's been redesigned!

USB Expo Drone Parachute Tutorial

USB Expo Drone Parachute Tutorial PowerPoint

FAA Notice or Proposed Rulemaking for sUAS

I managed to get a link to the FAA's much anticipated rule making before the official release.

That Drone Show Interview

See the interview at the LA Drone Show!

Our original About Us page

So all successful business grow and change over time. For us it's time to redo our original About Us page and bring it up to date. So many things have changed since we started and I wanted to save the original page here so we all remember our very humble beginning.

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