CO2 Parachute Deployment Bundle

CO2 Parachute Deployment Recovery Bundle - This bundle assumes the UAV may be stationary and uses a CO2 system to quickly eject the parachute directly out. Ideal for Multicopters or Quadcopters that may hover. Choose the bundle based on your UAV weight. Systems are rated at 15fps max descent speed. Each system provides:

  • Iris Ultra chute (IFC) using Spectra shroud lines
  • Peregrine CO2 ejection system.
  • Carbon fiber parachute canister and cap sized for the chute. The CO2 unit attached to the base of the canister.
  • 2' Y harness to provide a 2 point mount to your UAV at the Cg.
  • Length of nylon webbing to attach the main chute to the Kevlar Y harness. Length is approximately 2x the chute diameter.
  • Quick links to attach the components together.

Typical lead time for CO2 recovery bundles is 3 weeks to process your order and ship ARO. IMPORTANT: Our product is 100% made in the USA, and 100% US materials. It is not mass-produced in China or somewhere else. The quality of the materials are very high! In most cases the lead time from order to ship date for recovery bundles is about 4 weeks. If you need something faster please contact us first so we can do a stock check and let you know what we can do.

Thank you for your patience!

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