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Iris Ultra Parachutes

Raising the Bar for Parachute Performance

Every component of the Iris Ultra is designed to raise the bar for parachute performance. All aspects - the canopy, shroud lines, bridle, connectors, etc. - go beyond the basics, meeting and exceeding the most exacting flight requirements.

Iris Ultra parachutes feature a unique toroidal shape comparable to a doughnut cut in half. There are several common industry names for this shape, including annular parachute and pull down apex parachute because the apex (crown) of the chute is pulled down inside the canopy. This design results in a Cd of 2.2 or more! This means you can use a size smaller parachute for the same load carrying performance.

Said another way, the Iris Ultra 72" (IFC-72) will out perform the Classic Elliptical 84" (CFC-84). In addition, due to the shape of the canopy, Iris Ultra parachutes require less fabric than elliptical parachutes of the same size.

We keep stock for all sizes of the Iris Ultra parachutes from IFC-30 to IFC-120 as well as stock canopies for the IFC-144 and larger. We can also build custom parachutes: you choose the size and colors among other customizable options. We also have multiple types of shroud line available, including nylon and several weights of Spectra from 200lb up to 1500lb break strength.

IFC-72" Iris Ultra

Iris Ultra parachutes feature:

  • Lightweight 1.1oz Mil-spec calendared rip-stop nylon - making chutes compact and lightweight
  • Toroidal design - optimal for high drag with minimum material and weight
  • Choose your size, from 30" up to 192" (16')
  • Chutes feature strong integrated bridal for the parachute-to-main harness connection
  • Ultra compact version uses Spectra "Nano" shroud line for the most compact size and least weight
  • Include a top loop for use with deployment bags
  • Your choice of up to three colors and your pattern, or choose from our stock of all sizes in various color combinations

Iris Ultra Parachute Models

All parachute sizes are available across multiple types of parachute models, each designed for different flight application requirements.

  • Iris Ultra Standard - Our standard Iris Ultra parachute, ideal where high efficiency and small packing volume are important. Applications include (but are not limited to) high power rocketry, research projects, or other general purpose applications.
  • Iris Ultra Compact - Built for high strength and low volume, the Iris Compact parachute saves on space through its trim construction of the shroud lines and bridle. The Iris Compact is the ultimate choice for a lightweight and compact parachute that saves space for payload capacity.
  • Iris Ultralight - Optimized for light weight, the Iris Ultralight parachute is ideal for UAS applications, including multirotor drones, fixed wing, VTOL and more. The Iris Ultralight is the best choice for systems aiming to achieve the lowest possible weight.

We also offer recovery gear suited for integrating your parachute and recovery system with your UAS:

Let us be your one-stop shop for all your recovery needs!

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