There are some questions about how to connect the Skycat external trigger switch.  This allows you to put a button on the front of your transmitter so it's easy to reach in case you need to eject the parachute. The kit comes with:

  • Cable and connector that plugs into the Skycat transmitter
  • Pushbutton switch you can mount on the front of your transmitter
  • Wire crimp connectors
  • Heat shrink tubing to put over the connection between the switch cable and the push button switch

To complete the switch use the crimps to connect the cable blue and orange wires to the switch.  The photo below shows this.  Before you crimp these together put the large heat shrink tubing over the cable so you can slide it over the crimps after they are attached.  Use a heat gun to shrink the tubing once completed.

Skycat Transmitter External Switch Assembly
This Photo shows the crimps on the wires.

This Shows the cable and the switch.

This shows how the Skycat radio can hang on the RC transmitter handle, and the switch can mount to the front. Note the heat shrink tubing over the connections.


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