PUAVL-6 Packing Tutorial - Nylon Shock Cord

This tutorial shows you how the pack the PUAVL-6 canister with a nylon shock cord by winding it. This tutorial shows the IFC-192-S chute into a 6"D canister the same as the PUAVL tutorial. Follow the PUAVL Packing Tutorial first to Step 40.  Then at the point you fold the Spectra shock cord switch to this tutorial on how to wind and then pack the nylon cord.

The nylon shock cord is not Z-folded the same way the Spectra chock cord is done. The shock cord is the 9/16. 3000" test nylon webbing, 7 yards long.  Once properly would it fits into the cap nicely. The winding method periodically reverses the winding direction in order to take the twists out of the cord once it extends.