Packing a PIDS-6 with triple IFC-120-S

One of our customers asked for a Peregrine IDS 6" dual CO2 system packed with 3 x IFC-120-S chutes.  This page shows how we packed it!

First we have a video playlist that outliines the entire process.

Here is a pictorial that outlines all the steps.

Step 1 - Tape the loading sleeve into the canister top
The canister length needs to be extended for the initial pack. The loading sleeve temporairly adds about two inches to the canister length.
Step 2 - Z-Fold the shroud lines into the canopy
With three chutes in the same canister we need a way to organize the lines so they do not get tangled. The best way is to fold them directly into the canopy.
Step 3 - All three chutes lined up
All three chutes are now ready to be loaded.
Step 4 - Stack the canopies
But first we stack the canopies on top of each other.
Step 5 - Insert the Nomex Split Liner
To protect the delicate canopy fabric the chutes are packed inside a split Nomex liner. This protects the fabric from abration. The liner is split down the side so it comes off easily.
Step 6 - Prepare to load
The chute will be Z folded into the canister starting at the crown end. During this step to keep the chutes aligned until completely packed I have an assistant (my lovely wife Paula!) hold the chute skirts together during the folding process.
Step 7 - Start Loading the Canopies
Now starting at the top the canopies are Z-folded into the canister pushing them down as we go.
Step 8 - Almost Loaded
At the end we keep the three canopies stacked together for the final push.
Step 9 - More Pushing
Compact the chutes in the liner as much as possible.
Step 10 - Load Complete
We now have the canopies loaded. The split liner tape is now removed and the liner pulled up.
Step 11 - Quick-link the Kevlar Risers
Each of the Kevlar risers is quick-linked to the chute bridle. They are neartly placed side by side on top of the chutes. Then the other end of the risers is quick linked to a single Kevlar bridle. This bridle will be brought through the cap and provide the main chute connection outside the canister.
Step 12 - Gather the Split Liner
Gather together the fabric for the split liner up around the bridle. The main Kevlar bridle will be pulled through the center hole of the cap and the the cap can put into place.

For the rest of this you will need to watch the video to see how we press the cap into place.

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