Parachute Descent Rate Calculator

New!! This tool will plot the descent rate of two parachutes around the weight you specify. To use the tool:

  • Enter the parachute model you want to plot.  The primary chute goes on the left side.  The optional chute to compare to goes on the right.  Leave this blank if you do not want a second chute plotted.  The form fields will auto-populate with the chutes diameter and Cd.  
  • You can override the diameter, or the Cd to test how a larger chute would perform or the affect Cd has on performance.
  • Enter the target weight.  The default is 11 lbs (5Kg).  The plot will graph plus and minus the target weight.
  • Hit return to update the plot after you override values.  Or press Update form.
  • Compare both our chutes, as well as other manufactureres products.

Feedback is welcome, contact us to let us know!

Descent Rate vs Weight

Impact Energy Joules vs Weight

Calculator Summary


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