Packing the CO2 Parachute Deployment System

It seems we can never have enough example to show how we pack our parachutes.  This picture set shows our preparation of our CO2 parachute deployment recovery system.  The photos have a description of each step.

NOTE: The CO2 canister has been discontinued, however this guide is prefectly usefull still for our Peregrune UAV products.  The packing is the same.

Here is a pictorial that outlines all the steps.

Step 1 - Organize and fold the parachute
You organize the parachute by gathering the shroud lines tightly and folding all the chute pleats nicely. I use a jig here to hold the lines in separate bundles. But you can fold the parachute like we show on How to pack a parachute. Before you do this attache the chute liner leash so that does not get lost after the chute is deployed.
Step 2 - Fold the shroud lines
Next pull the shroud lines up neatly and Z-fold them onto the canopy in the center. Neatness counts!
Step 3 - Fold over the parchute pleats
Fold over the parachute pleats so they cover the shroud lines. The Kevlar bridle will just hang out the bottom past the skirt.
Step 4 - Prepare the liner
Here you can see the CO2 canister, the liner and the cap. You insert the liner into the canister and make sure the liner slit overlaps inside the canister.
Step 5 - Insert liner in the canister
This shows the liner installed in the canister. The liner is cut about 1" longer than the canister so it can overlap the end of the chute when the cap is installed. Here we show the liner leash as well going onto the folded parachute.
Step 6 - Push the chute into the liner
This shows the chute starting to be pushed into the liner and canister. Be sure the leash is put into the liner first. Then start at the end opposite the shroud lines and push that into the liner. You continue to push the chute and z-folding it while you push it in. Occasionally pull up on the liner edg to keep the liner from being pushed in as well.
Step 7 - Parachute in the CO2 canister
This shows the parachute pushed into the liner and level with the CO2 canister edge. You may need to push the parachute into the liner past the edge to get it packed firmly in. It's OK if it won't stay all the way in the canister. When the cap is installed it will compress the chute into place.
Step 8 - Align and seat the CO2 canister cap
The cap is now installed. First pull the Kevlar bridle through the hole in the cap. Next fold over the extra liner ends. Then place the cap over the liner and seat it onto the canister. You may need to wiggle the cap so you don't pinch any of the liner fabric. Once seated cleanly you can push the cap level with the canister edge. Note there are alignment marks on the cap and canister. Rotate the cap so these align. This will align the holes for the sheer pins.
Step 9 - Insert the sheer pins
Adjust the cap alignment so the holes in the canister side, and the cap align. One by one insert the small 2-56 nylon pins into the holes to hold the cap in place. There are four pins total. Then the CO2 cartridges open the canister will pressurize and break the pins loose. The pressure needed to do this will propel the chute out of the canister with considerable force.
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