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Photo Gallery - Catch all the cool action from a few years ago. I have plenty of additional content that is just waiting to be put up. Enjoy!

Talon4 on a L1450WR
My Talon 4 on a L1450WR - it went 7200' - Dairy Air 2009 
courtersy Steve Jervetson

Folie a Deux 2 stage liftoff at June 2008 ROC Stock
Went 13736' AGL on a K1100, K270 - Photo Gary Moratz

Booster under a custom 54" Fruity Chute - Photo Gary Moratz

Sustainer perfect landing. We used a 24" 
drogue and a 72" main - Photo Martin Hall

5.5" Jayhark Taking Off
5.5" Jay Hawk taking off at January 2008 TCC

Jayhawk at januart TCC Launch
Jan (my daughter & Fruity Chutes Jr. Marketeer!) - walking out to the rocket


Stars and stripes theme parachute
April 2008 Snow Ranch - 84" Stars and Stripes theme parachute


Kids play with Fruity Chute
October Skies was windy - so my kids were playing with a parachute. Jan better hold tight!


Cliff Sojourners Thumper
Cliff Sojourner's Thumper - Nov 2007 ROC Stock


4" Competitor under a 84" parachute
Aaron's Competitor 4 under a 84" Fruity Chute

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