Fruity Chutes Parachute Safety Survey

Fruity Chutes parachutes have safely recovered many thousands of rockets, drones, UAVs and other vehicles. We hear many times how reliable they are, and when packed and deployed properly, the reliability is over 99%. Many of our customers tell us that our systems have never failed, or when they do that the issue was caused by user error or that deployment happened too low, too fast, or other poor conditions. Even so, we don't have hard statistical information about this or what sort of conditions can lead to a failure.

NOTE: We are extending this program into 2016 to gather more data. Currently this offer is extended only for Drone and UAV recovery systems. We have enough rocketry recovery data.

Now you can participate in our survey and earn Store Credit! In order to gather the best data possible and from many sources and conditions we made this survey for our customers to document the flight and use of our parachutes and how they performed. To make it worthwhile we will be giving $10 of Fruity Chutes store credit per completed report. Completed means:

  1. You are flying a Fruity Chutes parachute as your primary recovery.
  2. After your flight you complete the Fruity Chutes Parachute Recovery Flight Data form, all required information must be provided.
  3. Provide a photo or video of the recovery site, the parachute as found, and the UAS (rocket, UAV, drone, other).
  4. Sign and return the form to plus photos or videos.
  5. Fruity Chutes has sole discretion whether to include, or not include a submission.

Our goal is to collect as many documented flights as possible by the end of 2016. In order to have as broad a sampling as possible we will be limiting any one customer to 10 flight submissions. We may change this depending on how it goes. If you are a fan of Fruity Chutes you can submit more than 10 flights and we will include these in the data set. We will be issuing webstore credit quarterly so be patient.

To participate just download the forms below. You can use the XLS version to fill out the data, electronically sign and send back to us. Or download the PDF, print, fill out, sign, scan and return. On return we need the photo documentation. For videos we ask you to upload to YouTube and make it available via share link.

Return all submissions to Contact me if you have any questions!



Excel Version: Fruity Chutes Parachute Recovery Flight Data.xlsx

PDF Version: Fruity Chutes Parachute Recovery Flight Data.pdf

NOTE ON PRIVACY AND USE OF DATA: This information will be used only to gather statisical information. Personal contact information will not be made available. This will be used to document the parachute reliability for FAA cerification of sUAS systems for commercial use.

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