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Feb 20, 2013 - Our customers are our single best asset and the success for Fruity Chutes relies in their satisfaction. This page has not been updated for awhile and we need to do that. There are so many kind words for so many customers it's hard to keep track of it. But if you want Google "Fruity Chutes" and see for yourself what great things our customers have to say!

Aaron Stanley's L3 Rocket - TRA# 10834, NAR# 84298, 84" chute

Aaron Stanley with Competitor 4
"Thanks Fruity Chutes, for making the best parachutes out there and for the great service. If it isn't a Fruity Chute, it isn't for me."

Aaron Stanly's Competitor Decent
Aaron's Competitor 4 under a 84" Fruity Chute

Brad Ballreich - TRA - 10900, L3, KG6JAV - 30" Ultra High Performance Main - 50K' 2 Stage Project

Brad Ballreich
"Just wanted to let everyone know that I received a special order Fruity Chute yesterday and the quality of the chute was really, really nice. Far and away the nicest chute I’ve ever owned. Quick turnaround too. Highly recommended you check out Fruity Chutes if you’re in the market for a high quality chute."
Posted to the ROC List Server Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Darryl Paris - 48" Main, 18" Drogue

Brad Ballreich
"My L2 certification flight was also a lesson in altimeters being affected by Mach pressure changes as my altimeter deployed the Fruity Chute drogue at sub-sonic speeds! Thank goodness I used a Fruity Chute as it held up to the test with no damage! I re-packed my Fruity Chutes, adjusted my altimeter, installed another K motor and received my L2 certification!"Photo by Pat Wagner, 2008 Mudrock

Alessio Minotti - TRA#11158 - 36" and 48" Chutes

Brad Ballreich
"I love round and colorful parachutes and Fruity chutes was my perfect choice, even for me in Switzerland! And they work great too!! Thank you,
Alessio TRA#11158" Photo coutersy

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