How to order your Fruity Chute!

Ordering is easy! Visit our online Webstore or Contact Us to let us know what you want and when you want it. Once we receive your order, we can ship stock parachutes and other products within just a few days. If you need your order fast, we can do a stock check for you. Most items in the webstore are in stock unless you need special color combinations or sizes. Custom products will take longer and we can quote you lead time. Lead time for custom color parachutes is generally four to five weeks ARO.

Order online now! Visit the Fruity Chutes Webstore!

IMPORTANT: We get very busy in the spring and lead times may increase. If lead time increase, we will put an update on our Home Page and Webstore in addition to indicating lead times when we send your quote.

Descent Rate Calculator - To help you decide what size parachute you need download our handy Excel spread sheet to calculate the ideal Fruity Chute for your application.


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