Learn how to Pack and Load the Harrier Drone Parachute Launcher

This guide will help you pack and prepare the Harrier Drone Parachute Launcher. We also have a video tutorial showing this process. Before starting, make sure you have done the initial folding of the Iris parachute. Refer to How to Fold a Parachute. Follow this guide up to the beginning of Step 4, stopping after "fold the parachute canopy into thirds to create a long rectangle shape."

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IMPORTANT for 50 mm and 56 mm Harrier Launchers: The Pictorial below is specific to the Harrier 40 mm launcher. All the Harrier launchers use Steps 2 — 4 for arming the launcher; however, after this, packing the chute into the launcher is done like the Skycat launcher. See the pictorial Pack and load the Skycat Drone Parachute Launcher for steps 12 - 44 of this guide to complete the packing.

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