Use these resources to help user the Harrier UAV Matrice 200 and 210 Launcher Bundle.

See Pack and Load the Harrier Launcher to install the parachute in the Harrier launcher.

See Using the Mayday ATS to understand how the use the automatic trigger system.

How to mount the Matrice 200/210 bundle:

1 — Referring to the photo above the canister mount is slipped over the landing gear strut and strut clamps are tightened. Position the mount so the canister is next to the battery.  The position will depend on what battery size is used.

2 — Also in the photo above note how the Spectra harnesses are hooked around the landing gear mounts.  These are routed to the back of the copter.

3 —  The picture above shows how to route the harness the back of the copter.  Tape the harness to the copter so it does not lift up and tangle in the rotors. Even though the parachute es ejected from below the copter, routing the harness this way will generally cause the copter to land upright.

4 —  Use the quick link to connect the shock cord coming out of the launcher to the harness.

5 — Use Velco to mount the electronics package to the front of the battery pack. Generally the antenna is mounted down.  If the antenna is in the way of any camera you may need to mount the antenna up. In that case you will need to recalibrate the Mayday ATS orientation.  See the link below for instructions.

6 — Connect the Harrier Launcher servo wire to the open connector on the Mayday ATS.

7 — We recommend ground testing your setup.  Use the button on the Mayday to cause the Harrier launcher to toggle to the release position.  

For the Matrice 200/210 the Mayday ATS is shipped pre-calibrated.  If you do need to change any setting or the calibration position see the Mayday ATS Help Page. Also refer to the Mayday help page for direction on arming, disarming and using the Mayday ATS in general.

Skycat Rescue Radio

The Skycat transmitter and receiver are shipped bre-bound. When bound the transmitter module and the receiver on the E-Pack will both be green.  If the light on the receiver is not green (it“s red) then the transmitter will not work.

An extra switch harness is shipped with the Skycat rescue radio.  You can complete the wiring so you have remote ejection switch you can place on the front of your transmitter.

In use pressing the round "eject" button on the transmitter will cause the transmitter to send the eject parachute signal.  The Mayday is setup to look for the servo pulse signal from the receiver and when it sees the eject servo position the Mayday ejects the parachute.  Once triggered the transmitter will continue to send the eject signal. Power cycle the transmitter to reset this.

In addition once the receiver reads the eject signal it will hold this signal until power cycle.

Before you Fly

Switch on the Electronics package.  Make sure the Mayday is armed.  Press and hold the Red Mayday button until the red light comes on and stays bright. Once armed if you power cycle the Mayday it will power up armed. Next switch on the Skycat rescue radio and make sure it is bound. Pressing the release button on the transmitter will cause the Mayday ATS to release the parachute. To disarm press and hold the black button until the red light goes out and turns to blue.

NOTE: Power cycling the Mayday off then on quickly will cause the Mayday IMU to power up in an error state.  When you turn off power be sure to wait 20 seconds or so before turning it on again.

Emergency Power Cut

Be sure to setup your Matrice copter options so you can initiate an emergency power cut.  This is general a combined stick function with both sticks down and in, or down and out. Verify this is enabled.  When the parachute ejects the pilot will need to cut power.  Because the harnesses and shock cord are made of Spectra line the turning rotors will not be able to cut the line regardless.  Also the parachute is ejected about 10 feet out well away form the copter so the rotors can not affect the parachute. Some DJI copters now automatically cut power if the orientation of the copter is not level for and extended period of time.

We are working on ways to automatically cut copter power. Currently DJI does not make that an easy task.

When the Parachute Ejects

If the parachute does eject once the copter lands you can disconnect the parachute and carefully fold and roll up the parachute with the line around it.  Avoid tangles.  The Mayday is disarmed by pressing and holding the black button until the Mayday ATS light turns blue.

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