Drone Parachute and Multicopter Parachute Bundle Rigging

We've been asked many times exactly how to use the harness and shock cords provided in the various recovery bundles. This help page details how to use these for drones and where each component goes.

All of the drone bundles come with these basic rigging components:

1 - Main shock cord (or riser) made with either Spectra or Nylon.

2 - Multipoint harness to connect to the UAV. This can be a three point harness using three Spectra harnesses or several Y harnesses using Nylon or Kevlar.

3 - Quick Links and Wire ties. The quick links are used to interconnect the harness, shock cord and the parachute. They may also be used to connect to the copter booms directly. Or you can use the end loops to hook around the boom and then use wire ties to keep them from moving.

Below are illustrations of where the components go:

Single drone parachute configuration


You can even use Dual Parachutes by providing extra harnesses to separate the parachutes and using a few more quick links. Each parachute can be launched from its own deployment canister. In some cases, both parachutes can be loaded into the same canister if done with care.

Dula drone parachute comfiguration

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