Why we call ourselves Fruity Chutes!

When you look at all the awesome colors we offer you can see why we have the name Fruity Chutes!

So Fruity Chutes got it name with the idea that we would specialize in making the worlds most colorful parachutes in “Fruit Flavored Colors”  We originally stocked eight colors and we gave them all names of various fruit. And since we made chutes, Fruity Chutes seemed like a good idea, it was fun and easy to remember.   We now have 12 great colors, four fluorescent, and eight standard.  The colors are from left to right:

  • Fluorescent Green (Lime)
  • Fluorescent Pink (Pink Papaya)
  • Fluorescent Orange (Orange)
  • Fluorescent Yellow (Lemon)
  • White (Coconut)
  • Red (Cherry)
  • International Orange
  • International Yellow
  • Kelly Green
  • Royal Blue (Blue Berry)
  • Purple
  • Black (Black Berry)

Names in (parenthesis) are the eight original "Fruit Flavored Colors" offered.  

Other news is we have fluorescent colors again!  Our fabric wholesaler had discontinued the fluorescent colors due to color fastness issues.  They are more sensitive to sunlight.  But they got a lot of flak for this, including from us, so they brought them back.  One color that has been missing for some time is the Florescent Pint (it is really a hot pink color).  It has very high visibility in most all conditions.

So we also make a lot of stock chutes now to shorten lead times.  These generally are Red / White, Intl Orange / Black, Intl Yellow / Black.  We try to keep stock in all three combinations across the product line.  Many times we have other color combinations, especially for the smaller chutes.  In all cases let us know what you would like and we'll see what we have.  Of course to get a chute fast you would need to take a stock color!  Custom color chutes generally have a 4 to 5 week lead time.

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