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For our lightest weight chutes the switch over from Kevlar shroud lines for Spectra shroud lines is now!

Our Kevlar Iris Ultra Compact chutes have become hot sellers especially in the UAV market.  We litterally can not keep stock IFC-48, 60's, or 72's on the shelf!  They are very light and pack into a tiny space.  But the Kevlar shroud lines have some mechanical problems that are inherent with the material.

Over the last few months we have been working with our mill back east on the development of our own custom Spectra shroud line materials. If you haven't heard of it Spectra is popular with the Sky Diving industry for Personnel and Ram Air chutes.  Some advantages are:

  • It is as strong as Kevlar per cross section of area, but it is about 15% lighter.
  • It is abrasion resistant - the line is very slick
  • The slickness makes it tangle resistant
  • It is easy to cut and sew - my sewing staff will like that!
  • UV radiation does not affect it
  • Moisture resistant
  • Cost is the same as Kevlar

Types of material available:

We are working on two line weights we call Spectra microline, and Spectra nanoline.

Microline:  This material is very similar to the Spectra Microline commony used in the personell parachute industry, but a little lighter weight.  The estimated break strength is about 600 - 650# and is 3/32" in diameter.  This material had higher strength than any of the Nylon material we currently offer, and is about 1/2 the bulk and weight.  We will offer the Microline for our Iris chutes under a new Ultra Performance option where high strength is key, and more compact. 

Nanoline: This material is being used as a direct replacement for the 350# (1/16" dia) Kevlar currently being used for our Ultra Compact chutes.  The break strength is higher at 400 - 450#.  It has the same bulk as the Kevlar, and is about 20% lighter.

Orders taken for the Ultra Compact Kevlar chutes will be changed over to Spectra at this point.  I am super excited about the switch over and I think our customers will agree it is a very welcome change!

Gene Engelgau,

President and Chief Evangelist - Fruity Chutes

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