Parachute Stress Test

A few weeks back a customer stress tested our IFC-144-S chute to 2000 lbs of load. It passed!

In case you have ever wondered how strong our chutes are this article should show that they are very strong! One of our key customers is designing our chutes into their UAV system.  Our chutes are being used for a backup recovery system.  The UAV's are very expensive and have high value imaging sensors or other payloads.  As part of the acceptance of the system the chutes had to pass a rigorous stress test of 1688 lbs of pull.  In order to perform the test and to load the chute evenly we attach loops on the chute canopy that will distribute the load evenly to the skirt outside, and inside.  The attachment is skewed toward the outside to cause a 70 / 30 load distribution between the skirt (outside lines) and the apex center pull down lines.  Here are some photos of the chute connected to the assembly that loads the chute. 

By the way the chutes passed the test, and in fact was loaded up to 2000 lbs!  The chute tested uses the same materials as all our Iris Ultra Spectra chutes from the small IFC-30-S up to the IFC-192-S 16' chute.

This shows the chute stretched out attached to the load harness.  The load harness distributes the test load evenly across the entire canopy.

A closer view of the chute skirt.  You can just make out the apex of the chute near the skirt through the fabric.

A view of the load harness connections.

Another closeup of each connection.  Also the reinforcement tape used to attach the chute canopy.  This chute has 14 gores so there are 14 attachment points.


Thanks for reading this and pass it along to your friends!

Gene Engelgau,

President and Chief Evangelist - Fruity Chutes

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