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We are pleased to release our new online descent rate calculator. Not only does it plot parachute performance over a range of weights, it also compared two parachute key metrics in a side by side easy to understand chart!

The Online Descent Rate Calculator tool allows accurate and fast evaluation of parachute preformance over a range of weigth classes.  You can compare two parachutes side by side to instantly understand the differences in performance, weight, packing volume and more.  Over time we will also be adding other manufactures parachutes as well.  Feaures include:

  • Complete Fruity Chutes database of parachutes
  • Comphrehensive metrics for all parachutes provided
  • Imprial and Metric support
  • Some select other manufactures parachute, more will be added
  • We will be adding UAV recovery systems as well.

Contact Us wth any feedback and other features you would like to see!

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