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  • Jolly Logic Chute Release and AltimiterThree recording altimiter

Jolly Logic Chute Release and AltimiterThree recording altimiter

The chute release is a pretty cool little product that lets you control the altitude your parachute opens. For model rocketry. Chute Release is a small electronic device that holds your rocket parachute closed until it drops to an altitude that you choose.

We've been watching this product development for some time.  I remember John Beans having a prototype at NARCON 2013 and I thought it was pretty cool.  Anyway it's out now and available.

Basically this device can either retain, or reef your parachute until you reach a pre-determined altitude.  It then releases and your parachute can fully inflate.  It features numerous features and you can control the release altitude.  You can purchase the product here:

Jolly Logic Chute Release

We also picked up the Jolly Logic AltimiterThree altitude recording device.  It can also record acceleration on three axis as well.  You call purchase this here:

Jolly Logic AltimiterThree

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