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Introducing the Peregrine UAV Modular Ballistic Parachute Deployment System

We've been working on an improved version of the Peregrine IDS. So here is a first look at the Peregrine UAV!

We started making the Peregrine IDS around 2012.  Since that time, and after selling may systems, our customers have given us some good feedback on how we can make this product better.  Here is some of the issues with the PIDS are:

  1. The CO2 canister size is fixed at either 8 grams, or 12 grams.  Some customers would like to use larger cartridges so there is more gas reserved to assure the best possible deployment.  
  2. The integrated base was pretty heavy, especially the dual 5" base unit.
  3. The base is 1.25" thick and adds to the height of the system.
  4. The base has to be removed for reloading.


The new Peregrine UAS solves these issues:

  1. We have moved the CO2 actuator to it's own stand-alone unit.  This allows it to be mounted in a location that is more accessible for cleaning and reloading.
  2. The system can use commonly available threaded CO2 canister from 16 gram up to 45 gram or larger.  And it supports 3/8" threads or 1/2" threads.
  3. The charge cup housing and piston can be easily unscrewed and removed for reloading.  After loading you just screw it back in.
  4. Multiple charge cup and housings can be preloaded making reloading very fast.
  5. A flexible hose connects the CO2 actuator to the base plate again allowing for flexible placement.
  6. The base plate is now much thinner and lighter weight.
  7. The canister still uses the cool twist-lock modular canister allowing fast reloading in the feild.  
  8. We have sourced new material for the carbon fiber canister that is half the weight.
  9. Best of all the same price as the Peregrine IDS!


What this means for our customer is the new Peregrine UAV is ligher weight, easier to use, and a more flexible product to integrate and use.  We think our customers will agree this is a welcome improvement! 

The new Peregrine UAV is available now.  Please Contact Us for pricing and delivery information!

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