Introducing IFC-30-S Parachute

We are happy to introduce the IFC-30-S chute! It can handle loads of up to 2.3kg @ 6m/s, or for UAV use 1.3Kg @ 4.6m/s.

We've been asked a few times for smaller Iris chutes for lighter weight recovery uses. So we are happy to introduce the IFC-30-S chute! It can handle loads of up to 2.3kg @ 6m/s, or for UAV use 1.3Kg @ 4.6m/s. This makes it ideal for smaller and lighter systems. And best yet - it weighs just 51 grams! With 11 different Iris sizes now we can handle UAS weights from as light 1.3Kg up to 51Kg! Below are the product details:

Iris Ultra Compact Parachute (Spectra Lines and Kevlar bridle):

Iris Ultra Compact parachutes are perfect for applications where ultra low weight and compact packing volume are important such as UAV applications. Packing volume assumes a packing density of .18 oz / cu" which is typical of a deployment bag. Traditional fold and wrap has a packing density of about 0.13.

NOTE: This is not yet a stock item! Please allow 4 - 5 week lead time for shipping. Contact us if you have any questions!!

  • Type: Ultra Compact Toroidal (Annular)
  • Bridal: 1/4" Kevlar, no swivel
  • Shroud Lines: 200# Spectra
  • Weight: 1.9oz (51 grams)
  • Packing Volume: 2.15d x 2.4l: 10.2in^3
  • Rating: 5lb @ 20fps, 2.8lb @ 15fps
  • Cd of 2.2!
  • Number of Gores: 8
  • Colors: Standard is two colors alternating. Specify custom colors for other patterns, up to three colors max.
  • Top loop included for use with deployment bags

You can order it here - IFC-60-S Catalog Page. We have this in stock now!

Below are more product photos:

Closeup of the IFC-30-S. Note the small lines keeping the weight down. Each line is 200lb braided spectra!

IFC-30-S ready to ship!

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