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Introducing CFC-15-S Compact Elliptical Chute

The CFC-15-S further expands our Classic Elliptical chutes to provide lighter weight and higher performance!

We just finished our first batch of the CFC-15-S chute.  These have the same performance as the CFC-15, but are 30% lighter!  You can buy them now in the Webstore!  

Here is a summary of the specs: 

  • Type: Mid Power / HP Drogue
  • Cd between 1.5 - 1.6
  • Materials: 1.1oz Rip-stop, 400# Spectra lines, 600lb swivel
  • Weight: 1oz (28 grams)
  • Packing Volume: 1.6d x 3.2l: 6.4in^3 (assumes a very tight pack)
  • Rating: 0.9lb @ 20fps
  • Number of Gores: 8
  • Colors and Options: We carry stock featuring our most popular color combinations. If you have a preference let us know.

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