Announcing Fruity Chutes site redesign

Welcome to our new Website! If you are visiting our page now it's been redesigned!

Our old website was pretty cool and with lots of cool information.  But the big drawback it it looked "really" tiny on a mobile display!  Add to that Google lowering the rankings for non-mobile aware sites and a redesign was necessary!

The previous site was done using ModxE Evolution, and HTML-4, CSS2.  That technology does not lend it'self to being reformatted to the various screen sizes in use today with all the mobile technology.  The redesign also uses ModX, but a newer version called Revolution.  And there are many great templates available that are mobile aware.  These templates use the latest cool stuff from Twitter to style pages like HTML-5, CSS3.  But the coolest upgrade from Twitter is called Bootstrap CSS to style the page, and the latest JQuery to run all the UI coolness.

Anyway there are still some bugs here or there.  It seems to work pretty well with Firefox / Chrome / Explorer.  Let us know if you see something funny and we'll try and fix it!

-Gene Engelgau, President and Chief Evangelist for Fruity Chutes!

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