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Announcing Fruity Chutes site redesign

Welcome to our new Website! If you are visiting our page now it's been redesigned!

USB Expo Drone Parachute Tutorial

USB Expo Drone Parachute Tutorial PowerPoint

FAA Notice or Proposed Rulemaking for sUAS

I managed to get a link to the FAA's much anticipated rule making before the official release.

That Drone Show Interview

See the interview at the LA Drone Show!

Our original About Us page

So all successful business grow and change over time. For us it's time to redo our original About Us page and bring it up to date. So many things have changed since we started and I wanted to save the original page here so we all remember our very humble beginning.

Introducing IFC-30-S Parachute

We are happy to introduce the IFC-30-S chute! It can handle loads of up to 2.3kg @ 6m/s, or for UAV use 1.3Kg @ 4.6m/s.

Color Availability Change

There is going to be a change of availability of colors we can offer.

Spectra Microline and Nanoline now available

Read about our new Spectra line, advantages, and more!

Parachute Stress Test

A few weeks back a customer stress tested our IFC-144-S chute to 2000 lbs of load. It passed!

Switch to Spectra

For our lightest weight chutes the switch over from Kevlar shroud lines for Spectra shroud lines is now!

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