Peregrine IDS (Retired)

NOTE: This products has been replaced by the Peregrine UAV!

Peregrine Integrated Ballistic Deployment Systems - The Peregrine IDS is a completely integrated system that features a parachute canister systems for maximum packing density. Use this for fixed wing, or on larger multicopters. Read more about the Peregrine IDS. Each system provides:

  • Iris Ultra chute (IFC) using Kevlar shroud lines
  • Peregrine twist lock parachute canister.
  • Peregrine CO2 Base.
  • Carbon fiber parachute canister and cap sized for the chute.
  • 2' Kevlar Y harness to provide a 2 point mount to your UAV at the Cg.
  • Length of nylon webbing to attach the main chute to the Kevlar Y harness. Length is approximately 2x the chute diameter.
  • Quick links to attach the components together.
  • Any special tools, sheer pins (to attach cap), and loading alignment sleeve.

IMPORTANT: Our product is 100% made in the USA, and 100% US materials. It is not mass-produced in China or somewhere else. The quality of the materials are very high! In most cases the lead time from order to ship date for recovery bundles is about 4 weeks. If you need something faster please contact us first so we can do a stock check and let you know what we can do.

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