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New Harrier Parachute Launcher is Light, Compact, and Easy to Use

New Harrier Parachute Launcher
Light, Compact, and Easy to Use!

Harrier family

For Immediate Release - January 16, 2018

Los Gatos, California, USA

New Harrier Parachute Launcher: Light,…

Kevlar Webbing Raw Stock Now Available on Our Webstore

We've sold Kevlar harnesses for some time. We just added the raw Kevlar stock for our 1/4" material to the webstore with two types available:

  1. The 1700# material we get in full 1000' rolls from Giant Leap Rocketry. We now sell it by the yard.
  2. We also have a custom made 2200# test material for sale as well.…

Jolly Logic Chute Release and AltimeterThree Recording Altimeter

The chute release is a cool little device that lets you control the altitude at which your parachute opens.

Introducing the IFC-36-SL!

This chute is optimized for volume production with a weight of just 60.8 grams and load capacity of 1.8kg at 4.6m/s.

DJI Drone Parachute Products - New!

We've added Skycat mounting hardware for the DJI F550, DJI S900, DJI S1000, and DJI Inspire Drones!

Introducing Skycat Carbon Fiber Universal Mount

We just received a cool mounting bracket for the Skycat parachute launcher!