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Insight Up Solutions Partners with Fruity Chutes

Fruity Chutes has partnered with Insight Up Solutions, the host of the Professional Drone Demo Day, as part of Drone World Expo! Fruity Chutes is psyched to present demonstrations at this event!

Fruity Chutes Pins Down 10 Years of Success, Literally!

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, Fruity Chutes has decided to pin down where their 3000 customers have come from.

Jolly Logic Chute Release and AltimeterThree Recording Altimeter

The chute release is a cool little device that lets you control the altitude at which your parachute opens.

Why We Call Ourselves Fruity Chutes!

When you look at all the awesome colors we offer, you can see why we have the name Fruity Chutes!